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I hope that the contents of this page will make up for the unsophisticated look and my courses in an easy and fast way will enable anyone to gain quite big abilities in assembly language programming.

NOTE: All of this page is only for processors belonging to the x86 family, starting with 8086, through 80586, up to the newest models by Intel and any Intel-compatible processors: AMD, Cyrix, Transmeta, ...


Here is what I have got for you

  1. All the source code on this page can be used according only to the GNU LGPL 3 license.

  2. License for using the materials:

  3. Assembly language tutorials for Linux
  4. Various programs - Perl converters, syntax colouring for Kate/KWrite etc.

  5. Other stuff:
  6. Authorised copies of my materials:


If you have any questions about my page, mail me. Your opinions are important to me, because thanks to them I can make the page better for everyone.

[mail] My address is bogdandr /AT/ op \DOT\ pl (English accepted, just say ASM in the title).
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I recommend the English assembly newsgroup comp.lang.asm.x86.

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