My patches for various programs

Here are some not accepted patches that I've made for other programs:
  1. a patch for libsafe, allowing Firefox and restorecon to work with libsafe
  2. a patch for PortableSigner ( that improves command-line usage, improves GUI responsiveness, removes possible null pointer dereferences and removes some compile-time warnings
  3. a patch for the installer of the Tor software. The patch allows uninstalling currently-used files after a system reboot.
  4. a Windows installer and a a Linux/Unix installer for the RxTx Java communication software.
  5. a new version of the AX_C_CHECK_FLAG macro for Autoconf.
  6. a font patch for PortableSigner that fixes the signature block for encodings other than the default. Currently requires a font file called DejaVuLGCSansMono.ttf to be present in the working directory which PortableSigner is being run from. Thie font is one of the deja-vu fonts, on Linux you can install a package dejavu-lgc-sans-mono-fonts (or similar).

Contact info

[poczta] Contact me: bogdandr AT op . pl
(English accepted, just say 'ASM' somewhere in the title).

[certificate] My public certificate: crt format, cer format, pem format, p7b format, p7c format
Certificate MD5 fingerprint: 68:0D:78:15:1F:6E:24:7A:48:82:EB:CA:0F:3B:5A:A0
Certificate SHA1 fingerprint: 8C:9B:7A:AB:A9:8E:39:FE:3A:B0:34:35:C1:41:10:89:38:4B:42:E2

[certificate] Issuer certificate: der format
Issuer certificate MD5 fingerprint: EB:77:B9:23:0F:21:02:2A:29:54:8A:78:A3:A4:8F:20
Issuer certificate SHA1 fingerprint: FE:E7:83:1D:AA:8D:1E:10:32:40:2D:08:1D:23:00:0F:86:C4:48:46

[certificate] Revocation list of the previous certificates: crl format, pem format.

[keys] My public GnuPG / PGP key: asc format
Number 1C56DA1E, Key SHA1 fingerprint: E91E 699F 1026 D0EF 745E EC3B 353A D368 1C56 DA1E

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