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Bandwidth controller script

A bandwidth controller script written in Perl:
perl [-p|--port NNNN] hour1:min1 "bandwidth1" [hour2:min2 "bandwidth2" ...] &

NNNN is the Tor control port number (default: 9051)
hour1:min1 is the time at which the script should set the Tor bandwidth to "bandwidth1"
"bandwidth1" is the bandwidth value, in any format Tor can understand. It should be put in quotes, because running the script as hh:mm 1 MB will cause the "1 MB" part to be passed as two separate arguments.
The & causes the script to be put in background by the shell (works under Bash). This is required (unless you can afford losing a terminal), because the script never exits.

Example: ./ --port 9051 11:37 "500" 11:38 "200"

- Perl
- Perl's IO::Socket::INET

License: GPLv2

Polish translation of the diagrams on the overview page:

How Tor works 1 (PNG)
How Tor works 2 (PNG)
How Tor works 3 (PNG)

Translation-related programs:

A Perl script that adds timestams to gettext PO files
A Perl script that compares timestams in gettext PO files and copies new strings to the destination file (requires the Perl Date::Manip module).
A procmail-based system that allows sending translations by e-mail
A web PHP-based system that allows sending translations with an Internet browser without any cookies, using HTTP authentication.

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